by Ricky Byrd

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys 1/22/2012 R. Byrd Seventeen, ready to play I’ve got girls on my mind, Rock ‘n’ Roll in my veins No getting worked up ‘bout the future, gonna be a big deal one day We were the Young Dudes, wide eyed with hope Down at Max’s Kansas City, tryin’ to learn the ropes From the glam rockers and glitter girls runnin’ fast, easy and broke I’d lace up my boots and spike my hair The look was to look like you don’t care On the street I caught more than a few nasty stares And I… liked it! Cause the girls all wanted…Rock ‘n’ Rock Boys Girls all wanted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys How those girls all went for…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys I gotta be one of the…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys I can still hear that jukebox like it’s ‘74 Sweet Jane, Stay With Me, Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door And if you can’t rock me, somebody will, that’s for sure Those lusty nights, holdin’ up the bar While in the back room Iggy’s showin’ Hunter his scars But behind those shades the vision fades For he knows the ride can only go so far There‘s Alice in the corner, bottle in his hand He’ll drink you under the table, just cause he can Ronson, such a pretty boy, chattin’ up a pair of legs I got quite the education.. mercy! Cause the girls all wanted… Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys Girls all wanted… Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys How those girls all went for… Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys I gotta be one of the…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys Got nothin’ to complain about, things worked out fine for me I got most of what I wished for, but nothing comes free As I write this song I sit here, 6 string razor on my lap There’s only movin’ forward, cause there ain’t no goin’ back Cause the girls all wanted...Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys The girls all wanted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys How those girls all went for…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys I gotta be one of the…Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys (Repeat) I’m always gonna be one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys
Let’s Get Gone (Tonight) Byrd/Supa 2010 There’s this crazy little joint Down on 2nd street Gets jumpin’ real early Don’t you drag your feet The music’s loud They keep the lights down low So grab you a cab Let’s Get Gone Tonight East side, west side From all over town Do it up right Raise the roof Turn it inside out Gone tonight, Let’s get gone tonight Let’s get gone tonight Tony the hat With a turned up brim Is tryin’ to get lucky Soon as he walks in With all the little girlies Comin’ out to play It’s ready, set ,go Let’s get gone tonight Jump up turn around And do it again Do it up right Don’t come home till the sun shines in
Foolish Kind 03:10
Wide Open 04:40
Dream Big 04:03
Dream Big Life is like a train on a one way track Yesterday’s gone and there ain’t no getting’ back Time it keeps on tickin’ and I ain’t wastin’ mine Tryin’ to get it rollin’ get a leg up on life I’m lettin’ go my baggage cuz I’m ready to ride Ain’t no way I’m lettin’ up You gotta chase it…gotta Dream big to break this town Get one shot, one time around Life’s a party, let’s take a swig (riff) Baby let’s dream big Grab the dice and roll em, take it on the chin I’m crankin’ down the windows, getting’ in the wind I heard it said we’re only here for a while Let’s make the most of it and live every mile And If by chance we stumble girl we’ do it with style It’s out there for the takin’ So let’s get shakin’…gotta Dream Big to break this town Get one shot, one time around Life’s a treasure , grab a shovel and dig (riff) Baby let’s dream big
Harlem Rose 03:58
Married Man 03:12
Things To Learn About Love Byrd/Lyons 07 Word on the street is you’ve taken up with him You didn’t waste much time Shows how much I know ‘bout the finer points of love I thought we were fine I must have left you a hundred messages baby My phone has yet to ring Looks like you’ve moved on little girl Ain’t nothin’ left to do but sing I missed the signs (I missed the signs) You turned from green to red I couldn’t break in time (couldn’t break in time) Now I’m crawlin’ from a train wreck I got things to learn about love little darlin’ Things I thought I knew Things to learn about love little darlin’ Just look at me and you You taught me a whole lot of lessons honey Like a nun with an iron rule See I just assumed we was exclusive baby But you flat out played me for a fool Standing here like a schoolboy With a report card in his hand Looks like I’ve been left back again While you graduate to another man Love sure is a grind (sure is a grind) Work hard and what do you get Heartache and lies It ain’t nothin’ but a big mess I got things to learn about love little darlin’ Things I thought I knew Things to learn about love little darlin’ Just look what happened with you Gonna listen to my heart When my heart says stop Gonna stop before I blow my top Gonna find me a girl To love me true Anyone as long as it ain’t you I got things to learn about love little darlin’ Things I thought I knew Things to learn about love little darlin’ Just look what happened with you
Turnstile 03:48


“Indeed, Lifer is a celebration of the type of compact, hooky songwriting and radiant guitar crunch that characterized classic rock and roll.” -Guitar World

“On the album, Byrd takes us on a musical journey through the different eras of rock and soul that have defined him as a player and when it comes down to it, a person. " -AOL Noisecreep

“The album is confident and celebratory, the sound of a guy starting a fresh era in an already-accomplished career.” -New York Times Syndicate

“The record is a full-on slice of good-time rock and soul,”

“All those great '70s artists — The Stones, Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Humble Pie, et al —were absorbed right into Byrd's creative bloodstream and transfused right into this new album.” -Goldmine

“…the [Bronx native] performs the 11 original compositions with such enthusiasm and exuberance… Those who are familiar with Byrd’s guitar work only via Blackhearts music will be pleasantly surprised by his soulful vocals and fine songwriting.” -Vintage Guitar

“Beyond its myriad splendors – crunchy, zippy, easy-to-like tunes; clear, concise, evocative lyrics – is Byrd's wonderfully vibrant guitar playing, an idiosyncratic mix of punchy inventiveness and puckish humor.” -Music Radar

"THIS is what rock and roll is SUPPOSED to sound like: great songs, great riffs, and rough, sweaty vocals. Ain't no auto-tuning here: Ricky Byrd's rock is alive and well, thank you!" - Q104.3 Classic Rock New York

“Determined to help revive that classic 70’s rock and roll style and sound, guitarist HYPERLINK ""Ricky Byrd is identifying himself as a powerful musical presence…” -Guitar International

“The music on Lifer is an amalgamation of his influences, yet he is still able to stamp his larger than life personality on top of it all. These songs are not just music to Byrd, they are bits and pieces of his heart and soul. He is a true artist and this is his canvass. Suffice it to say, he’s created a masterpiece…. If I had to use one word to describe Lifer by Ricky Byrd is would be a four letter one…REAL.” -Classic Rock Revisited

“Lifer is a top-down-in-the-Summer-blared-at-full-volume album that will live in your CD player. What the hell took you so long, Ricky?” -Prog Sheet


released October 20, 2013

Recorded at Parchessi studios and The Byrd Sanctuary 2012/2013
Produced by Ricky Byrd/ Bob Stander
*Turnstile '01 Recorded and Produced and mixed At Room and Board Studios in Nashiville by Ray Kennedy in 2001
Cd Mastered by Ray Kennedy at Room and Board Studios

Guitars/Vocals - Ricky Byrd
Bass Guitar - Bob Stander
Bass Guitar - Brad Jones (Turnstile '01)
Keyboards - Jeff Kazee
*Andy Burton (Rock 'n' Roll Boys)
*Brad Jones (Turnstile '01)
Drums - Shawn Murray
Dane Clark (Turnstile '01)
Horns - Chris Anderson- Trumpet/ Horn Arrangements
Neal (The Dude) Pawley / Trombone
Ed Manion - Tenor and Baritone Sax
Strings - John Preddice
Percussion - Tony The hat, C. Rutherford Jr.
Vibraslap - Joe Franco
Backgrounds - Christine Ohlman, La La Brooks, Elaine Caswell, Dina Regine, B3 Kazee, Shawn Murray, Mia Calore and Frankie Byrd.

Art and Design - Danny Garber/dannyrome designs
Cd Logo Design - Amanda Lanzone
Cover photo Dina Regine
All Songs published by Little Ricky Music/ ASCAP
Publicity Carol Kaye and Kayos Productions
@ 2012 Kayos Records All Rights rRserved


all rights reserved



Ricky Byrd New York, New York

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Inductee with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Certified Recovery Coach/CARC + CASAC T

Performed, Recorded and/or Toured with JJ and The Blackhearts, Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr,Alice Cooper, Mavis Staples, Smokey Robinson,to name a few.

Solo Cd’s
Tough Room This World (Live) - 2001
Lifer - 2013
Clean Getaway - 2017
... more

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